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Update Your Windows PC ASAP

Update Your Windows

Uh oh, looks like it’s update time again! Microsoft just released their April 2024 patch for Windows, and this one’s a big deal. It fixes a whopping 149 security holes, but more importantly, it patches two critical zero-day vulnerabilities.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are basically security gaps that hackers are already actively exploiting. That means there’s a chance your computer could be vulnerable right now! This update fixes two such zero-days, so installing it as soon as possible is crucial.

One of these zero-days (CVE-2024-26234) involves a software program used for managing smartphones. Security researchers found a malicious file hidden within this program that could potentially steal information from your computer. Yikes!

The other zero-day (also CVE-2024-26234) lets hackers bypass your computer’s security features. This means they could potentially trick you into opening a malicious file that could harm your system.

Even if these specific exploits haven’t been seen in the wild yet, there’s no telling when that might change. The bottom line: update your Windows system now to patch these critical vulnerabilities and many others!

How to install the April 2024 patch on your PC

Installing this update is easy! Just head over to your settings. For Windows 11 users, that’s Start > Settings > Windows Update. Windows 10 users can find it at Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Once you’re there, just click “Check for updates” and follow the on-screen instructions to install the patch. It will help keep your computer safe from those nasty security holes!

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