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Google Is Shutting Down Its VPN Service

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Starting in 2020, Google One made things easier for their subscribers. Anyone who signed up for Google One, no matter the plan (whether it was $9.99 or $1.99 a month), got a VPN service included for free. This meant Google One subscribers didn’t need to go looking for a separate VPN to protect themselves online.

Ugh, hate to break it to you, but Google One’s VPN is getting the axe. Yep, Google’s adding another product to the graveyard, just like all those other things they launched and then ditched. Apparently, not enough people were using the VPN, according to Google. So, if you actually liked it, you might be in the minority.

Don’t worry, the Google One VPN isn’t vanishing instantly. Google says they’ll be slowly shutting it down “over the next few months,” but they haven’t given an exact date. There’s some good news for Pixel users though! If you have a Pixel 7 or a newer phone (Pixel 8 users already have this), you can use a built-in VPN on your phone instead of the one from Google One.

So, this VPN shutdown doesn’t affect the rest of your Google One subscription. You’ll still have access to all that extra storage and other goodies (for now, at least – you never know what Google might ditch next!). But yeah, the VPN itself is on its way out.

Which VPN should you switch to?

Losing the Google One VPN stinks, but don’t fret! A quick Google search will show you there are tons of other options out there. Unless you’re ditching Google One entirely, the idea of paying extra for another VPN might not be ideal. If you’re on Android and looking for free VPNs, check out David Nield’s list – he recommends PrivadoVPN, TunnelBear VPN, and Proton VPN, among others.

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Free VPNs can be a gamble. They might be slow, have limited features, or even be a little shady. If privacy is important, it’s worth considering a paid option. ProtonVPN’s paid plan starts at $10 a month and gets you faster speeds and the ability to connect multiple devices. If you need a VPN for your whole family, Surfshark offers various paid plans with unlimited connections. Mullvad takes privacy seriously – you don’t even need an email address to sign up!

Check out these VPNs to replace Google One: